One 195kW (260hp) Textron Lycoming O-540 flat six piston engine derated to 165kW (225hp) for takeoff and 153kW (205hp) for continuous operation driving a two blade main rotor and two blade tail rotor.
Cruising speed at 75% power 209km/h (113kt). Initial rate of climb 1000ft/min. Service ceiling 14,000ft. Hovering ceiling in ground effect 6400ft, out of ground effect 5100ft. Max range with no reserves approx 645km (350nm).
Standard empty 635kg (1400lb), max takeoff 1090kg (2400lb).
Main rotor diameter 10.06m (33ft 0in), length overall rotors turning 11.76m (38ft 7in), height 3.28m (10ft 9in). Main rotor disc area 79.5m2 (855.3sq ft).
Typical seating for four, with two passengers on bench seat behind pilot and passenger.